• Scott is similiar to his father, David Jones:
    • Both the are seasoned officers in the force.
    • Jones has a serious about his job whilst Scott has a serious about his relationship with his father.
    • Both were allergic to composts.
    • Jones has interests are food, especially cookies and hot dogs, and fishings Scott also unlikely interests are comic books, animals, especially insects, and martial arts.
    • Like his father, Scott is shown he was martial artist with agility.
    • Scott’s Justice alter ego was the opposite of his father’s; while Jones was a red masked assassin named Red Masque who wanted to fighting crimes and bad guys, Scott’s outlaw alter ego was Rocket-Hood who wanted to go adventures, flirting girls and fighting crimes.
    • Both they got poisoned (Jones got poisoned by cupcakes he ate from Margaret Littlewood whilst his son got stung by an alien plant he saw during his mission)
    • Jones is shown when he was once married to Charlotte Jones who exactly wanted him to see a psychologist to help him deal with the stress of his job. Suddenly, their relationship fell apart because Charlotte could not handle the risk his job entailed. Now Scott is now shown that he did the same as his father when Christina took him to therapy to help the, deal with the stress of their break up until the same relationship become broken as Scott not handle the risk his relationship with Christina entailed.
  • Scott is similiar to Kai from Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu:
    1. Both they are pyrokinetic.
    2. Both they wear red color.
    3. Both they have swords.
    4. Both they were impulsive and hotheadedness and recklessness, have a fierce temper.
    5. Both they have a strong sense of justice can make them stubborn at times.
    6. Both they’re bravery and strong.
    7. Kai is once a blacksmith after their parents went away (alter it was the Time Twins who took them), which his father happened to be a blacksmith too. Scott also shown that he was hired as police member after his father went away for some reason.
  • Scott is similiar to Jimmy Neutron:
    1. Both they have an issues about their appearances: Scott hates being cute and little despite his ages and behavior as little child unlike Jimmy hatred being short.
    • Both are intelligent.
    • Both have love interests, who are their friends (Katie Bell and Cindy Vortex).
    • Both owns their vehicle (Scott owns Starship Rocket while Jimmy owns Strato XL).
    • Both have all alien enemies.
    • Both have many sciences such as quantum physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, robotics, engineering, and astronomy.
    • Both are showing off.
  • Scott is similiar to Timmy Turner:
    • Both they have magics.
    • Both are tried to avoid unluckily girls they met (Tootie and Katie Bell).
    • Both they loves reading comic books (Timmy has Crimson Chin whilst Scott has several heroes like Marvel and DC).
    • Both they have their previous pets whose died until they find a rightful pet (Timmy has a magical dog named Sparky while Scott has mutated hyena named Nick Furry).
    • Both they were average kid (Timmy is an average kid that one understands but Scott is very average genius who was very responsible but also known as the independent moderate kid with the heart of justice).
    • Both have their interests include comic books, video games, cartoons, sports, toys, science, action movies, art, drawing, and waking wishes.
    • Timmy was given fairy godparents to grant his every wish as a result of his neglectful parents and abuse from Vicky. However, unlikely Timmy, Scott was given superpowers such as elementals powers and various martial arts included Spinjitzu and Airjitzu by his birthmark to fight the evil forces as a result of custody from his divorced parents.
    • Timmy's weaknesses are bare feet, oranges, clowns, man eggs, his dad's butt (Also known as "Full Moon") and being allergic to sauerkraut. Like him, Scott‘s weaknesses are bare chest, gingerbread cookies, christmas elves, his mom’s sexy body (Also known as "Hot One") and being allergic to composts.
  • Scott has a few similarities between Peter Quill/Star Lord from Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy:
    1. Both we’re have outlaw names, (Scott known as Rocket Hood, Peter known as Star Lord).
    2. Both were heroic criminals in the beginning.
    3. Both are comedic easily, and had "any issues".
    4. Both rallied the enemies together in stop villains (Scott rallied Mr. Lord’s minion to stop Dark Blood, Peter rallies Ravangers to stop Ronan the Accuser).
    5. Both were thieves.
    6. Both were fall in with tough women (Mia and Gamora).
  • Scott is shown has unlikely similarities to Deadshot/Floyd Lawton from DC’s Suicide Squad:
    1. Both were on & off.
    2. Also, Floyd is antagonist, Scott is protagonist.
    3. Both have children (daughter Zoe to Floyd, son Reese to Scott).
    4. Floyd is shown gaining money for killing people but Scott wasn’t instead since he was bounty hunter, he steals artifacts from any places in planets, or kidnapping those innocent beautiful women to earn moneys.
    5. Both are extremely skilled assassins.
    6. Both have high-level fighting skills weapons expert, excellent firearm skills and master marksmanship.
  • Scott has a few similarities between Indiana Jones:
    1. Both were adventurers in the beginning.
    2. Both are finding and claiming historical artifacts as well as find archaeological, historical and biblical artifacts and give them to Museums.
    3. Both are teaching Archaeology.
    4. Both they have some weapons (Indy has whip whilst Scott has grappling hook)
    5. Both they speak, read, and write 27 languages and sign languages during their journeys around the world.
  • Scott is unlike similar to Luke Skywalker from Star Wars:
    1. Both they lose their arms for reason (Scott loses his left arm when he was shot hybrid his son Reese in major accident while Luke loses his right arm to his father, Dark Vader).
    2. Scott wears the same one glove Scott does in all the story
    3. Both they wielded the weapons (When Luke finally weielded the lightsaber after being trained by Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi, it proves that he is strong enough to uses defeat Dark Vader. This might be because since Luke is a Jedi Knight. Scott finally trained his martial arts which are already known from General Anderson).
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