Full Name: Princess Kira Madolyn Vasquez

Nickname: Commander Kira

Age: 14 (2019), 17, 18, 24 (2029), 44 (2049)

Gender: Female

Birthday: April 22, 2005

Zodiac sign: Aries

Chinese Zodiac: Rooster

Species/Race: Mermaid

Blood Type: O+

Weight: 145 lbs

Height: "5'6"

Personality: Serious, bossy, strong, bold, adventurous, heroic, daring, mature, loving, tomboyish, masterful, confident, short-tempered, intelligent, loyal, enthusiastic, funny, over-achieving, cute, quirky, tough, punky, trustworthy, hardworking

Nationality: Greek-American-Filipino

Appearance: Kira is a 14-years-old mermaid-fairy hybrid Princess of Atlantis. Unlikely her twin younger sister, Keira, Kira has shoulder-length black hairs, light blue eyes. She wears shiny blue-platinum breastplate-like a armor underneath a lavender top with texture of fish scale. From the waist down, she has a dark blue horizontal fish-like tail with sea green scales and matching V-shaped waist-line with reproductive organs of a tropical fish.

Occupation: Princess of Atlantis, Second-in-Commander

Alignment: Good

Goal: To uphold her family’s honor by leading sea world to victory against the evil forces
To overprotecting Keira away from Luke

Status: Alive

Background: Keira is the first fourthborn daughter of King Wave, the older sister of Keira, younger half-sister of Henry, Morgan and Laura and half older sister of her younger half-siblings. Unlike Keira, Kira doesn’t have interests in human surfaces.

Hometown: Atlantis

Likes: Her family, her siblings, getting his way, rules, schedules, plans, martial arts, military things, strategy, seahorseback-riding, archery, being loyalty, being a real soldier, being prepared, guitar, spending time with her family, rock music, rock docs, british culture, root beers, helping others, justice, Henry's fashion sense, Muai Thai, adventures

Dislikes: Threats to his kingdom, arguing, failing, incompetent soldiers, stress, bending rules, disorganization, sophisticated parties,their guitar strings breaking and people who lip sync on stage, Kira being called Kira (due to Luke being mistaken her for her twin sister Keira.), rock climbing, sailing, baking, being little by her merpoeple and Luke, prejudice, injustice and discrimination.

Hobbies: Researching the history of the sea, drawing, sword fighting strategy, seahorseback-riding, archery, Muai Thai

Interests: Schedules, plans, martial arts, military things, rules, reading history books, extreme sports

Fears: Not being responsible, her biological mother’s tragic fate

Favorite Food: Exotic foods

Favorite Drink: Tea

Favorite Flavor: Kelps

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Animal: Seahorses, Dolphins, Sharks

Favorite genre of music: Rock music

Favorite instrument: Guitar

Favorite Subject: History, Muai Thai

Powers/Skills/Abilities: Speed swimming, underwater breathing, durability, aquatic empathy, water manipulation, thermo-endurance, superhuman strength, martial arts, physical strength and agility, knowledge of military tactics, Hand-to-hand combatant, leadership skills, intelligence, magic powers, mind-reading,

Paraphernalia: Her mother’s crown

Weapons: Sword, Dagger


Kiki Vasquez’s Inspiration
  • Kira is similar to Chloe Carmichael from The Fairly OddParents:
    • Both were an enthusiastic, funny and over-achieving.
    • Both were intelligence.
    • Both are martial artists and fighters with hand-to-hand combatant.
    • Both try to do good for the society.
    • Chloe is a scout of Squirrely Scouts while Kira being a soldier of the Imperial Army.
  • Kira temporary similar to Luna Loud from The Loud House:
    • Both known for rockstar behaviors.
    • Both love playing music and guitar.
    • Both spending time with their families.
    • Both have interests in rock music, rock docs, british culture.
    • Both like root beers.
    • Both hate sophisticated parties, their guitar strings breaking and people who lip sync on stage.
    • Also, Luna being called Lulu whilst Kira being called Kira due to being mistaken for her twin sister Keira by Luke.
    • Both not good in rock climbing, sailing and baking.
  • Kira temporary similar to Annie Leonhart from Attack on Titan:
    • Both are practicing Muai Thai.
    • Both are Muai Thai experts while teaching Muai Thai roughly to those they met (Eren Yeager and Keira Paguio).
    • Both possesses intelligence, extensive knowledge of hand-to-hand combat, and the ability to selectively regenerate or harden parts of their bodies during battle. However, unlike Annie being a Titan-Shifter known as Female Titan, Kira has powers of magic and science like her sister.
    • Both were warriors.
    • Both were military soldiers.
    • Both were martial artists.
  • Kira is similar to Judy Hopps from Disney's 2016 animated feature film Zootopia:
    • Unlike Judy has dreamed of becoming a police officer in the city of Zootopia as a child, Kira is shown has dreamed of becoming a soldier of the Imperial Army.
    • Both like helping others and justice.
    • Also, Judy being a real cop while Kira being a real soldier.
    • Both being prepared.
    • Judy like Fru Fru's fashion sense whilst Kira love Henry's fashion sense.
    • Like how Judy hate being called "cute" by animals other than bunnies, Kira hate being little by her merpoeple, even one of the humans, Luke Fernandez does.
    • Both dislikes prejudice, injustice and discrimination.
  • Kira has same similarities to Sunset Shimmer from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic:
    • Both bullying and being evil until they changed their attitudes (Like Sunset, Kira is once when she and Keira were ten years old which Kira become envious by the time at age fourteen, Kira changed her way to continued her relationship with her twin sister).
    • Both have manipulation until they gave them up.
    • Both have leaderships and magic powers.
    • Both have mind-reading.
    • Both seek revenge on someone they love (Keira and Twilight Sparkles) for their selfish and evil deeds until they are changed into good ones.
  • Kira to have actually similarities with Aseefa from Planet Sheen:
    • Both are warrior princesses.
    • Both are beast-masters.
    • Both are cute, quirky, tough, punky and trustworthy.
    • Both loves adventures and hanging out with their friends.
    • Both hates stupidities.
    • Both were tomboyish.
  • Keira shared similar to Bean from Netflix‘s 2018 animated series Disenchantment:
    • Both not being traditional princesses.
    • Both actively rebelling against their fathers (Unlike Zøg, King Wave was very responsible and self reliable to be royalty).
    • Both have bad habits as their addictions (Bean enjoys drinking whilst Kira enjoying smoking).
    • Both they were mischievous and waywardness.
    • Both they have nicknames (Kiki to Kira and Bean to Tiabeanie).
    • Both trying to be in charge of their own destinies.
  • Kira is more similar to Alita from Battle Angel Alita manga series:
    • Both they are tough.
    • Also, Alita is a robot whilst Kira is a fairy mermaid.
    • Alita is shown that she gained the Berserker Body, a powerful cyborg body that was used by both her and Zapan. Kira also shown that she gained True Potential where she become master of Spinjitzu and Airjitzu.
    • Both are good with extreme sports (Motorball to Alita and Tournament of Elements to Kira.
    • Alita was 224 years old whilst Kira is 14 years old.
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