Full Name: Princess Keira Bianca “Kiki” Vasquez (formerly)
Keira Bianca “Kiki” Fernandez née Paguio

Nickname: Keira Paguio
Metekiarika “Meki-Meki” Zukikanomika Kekarukimo

Age: 14 (2019), 17, 18, 24 (2029), 44 (2049)

Gender: Female

Birthday: April 20, 2005

Zodiac sign: Aries

Chinese Zodiac: Rooster

Species/Race: Mermaid-Fairy-hybrid

Blood Type: O+

Weight: 145 lbs

Height: "5'6"

Personality: Energetic, high-spirited, strong, bold, optimistic, adventurous, heroic, daring, hot-headed, mature, loving, destined, sexy, tomboyish (mostly like), masterful, mysterious, powerful, confident, sweat-hearted, optimistic

Nationality: Greek-American-Filipino

Appearance: Keira is a 14-years-old mermaid-fairy hybrid Princess of Atlantis. Unlikely her twin older sister, Kira, Keira has shoulder-length black hairs, light blue eyes and freckles. She a lavender top with texture of fish scale. From the waist down, she has a dark blue horizontal fish-like tail with sea green scales and matching V-shaped waist-line with reproductive organs of a tropical fish. Additionally, she has a atomic star birthmark on her back that represented Timmy Turner and Jimmy Neutron’s symbol and their powers consisting of magic and science.

Under the surname Paguio, Keira wears a grey crop top shirt under a brown jacket with four breast pockets and two black patches on it. She also wears a fully-length black pants with brown leather belt and hiking boots.

Occupation: Princess of Atlantis (currently, later formerly) Supernatural Hunter (currently), Explorer, Marine biology student (currently)

Alignment: Good

Goal: To become human, live upon the surface, and learn more about human world
To have Luke Fernandez fall in love with her (successed)
To become the real main character

Status: Alive

Background: Keira is the first fourthborn daughter of King Wave, the younger twin sister of Kira, younger half-sister of Henry, Morgan and Laura and half older sister of her younger half-siblings.

Keira was actually mermaid-fairy hybrid Princess of the Atlantis named Keira Bianca Vasquez who lived in underwater kingdom until she encountered with human supernatural hunter named Luke Fernandez. She become a human with Kreken’s help to win Luke’s affections. She is sweat-hearted, optimistic and always had a unrequited crush on Luke that she met before become a human. She loves to collecting human artifacts and is interested in Philippine cultures, martial arts and magic spells and science experiments. It is known that Keira shares an RV with Priya, and was worked and studied at DreamLife, a tech and research company.

Hometown: Atlantis

Likes: Humans, human objects, adventure, freedom, music, singing, dancing, chasing her dreams, Cherry Blossoms, winning, Filipino “Philippine” culture, fast cars, spicy foods, new clothes and shoes, handmade items, Summer, ice creams (especially strawberry flavors), flavored french fries, cheesecakes, paranormal tv shows, Luke, Scott’s love for magic and science, cute animals, Timmy Turner, Jimmy Neutron

Dislikes: Threats to her kingdom, her family's stubbornness, hatred of humans, overprotectiveness and obsessive love for her, being without music or fun, chores (formerly), pirates, violence, monsters (expect chupacabras), her friends, family and Luke being in danger, Darlene’s fear of separations (in which explained about Timmy and Jimmy’s separation turned her evil), losing, being treated unfairly, her siblings overprotected her, scary things

Hobbies: Chasing her dream suitor (later boyfriend/husband), Luke Fernandez, a Supernatural Hunter, collecting human objects, singing and dancing

Interests: Music, fast cars, adventure, freedom, chasing her dreams, Cherry Blossoms, winning, paranormal tv shows, magical spells and science experiments, Philippine cultures, magic spells and science experiments, soccer sport, boxing, new clothes and shoes, handmade item, cute animals

Fears: Separation/Detachment, abandonment, losing

Favorite Food: Spicy foods, candies, flavored french fries, cheesecakes, burgers, the surface food, called strawberries, fruit tarts, chocolates, apple pies, grilled cheese sandwiches, meatloafs

Favorite Drink: purple flurp sodas, mega fizzy juice sodas, party punch, strawberry millks

Favorite Flavor: Strawberries, Blueberries, S’mores

Favorite Color: Red, Pink

Favorite Animal: Several kind of species

Favorite genre of music: Every kind

Favorite instrument: Guitar, Flute, Microphone

Favorite Subject: Math, Science, Magic, Chemistry, History, Computers, Music, Physical Education, Economics, Geography, Psychology, Sociology, Survivalism, Martial Arts

Powers/Skills/Abilities: Speed swimming, underwater breathing, durability, aquatic empathy, water manipulation, thermo-endurance, superhuman strength, martial arts, physical strength and agility, knowledge of military tactics, Hand-to-hand combatant, leadership skills, intelligence, magic powers, mind-reading

Paraphernalia: Her Magic-Science Medallion

Weapons: Sword, Gun, Wooden Stake


Keira Paguio Inspiration
  • Keira shares same similar to Pucca:
    • Both are are considered to be a cute and pretty girls.
    • Both are orphans (Pucca is shown she came from her restaurant, but her family were never be seen, but she has three guardians and uncles, Linguin, Uncle Dumpling, and Ho. Unlike her, Keira was once being born wit her sister Kira, implied that they're orphans but their biological father raised tem as his new half-heiresses.
    • Bot were tricksters.
    • Unlike Pucca being muted, Keira can talked.
    • Both they have black hairs but has different hairstyles (Pucca has two hair buns whilst Keira has shoulder-length).
    • Both they have strongest but mostly unrequited crushes (Keira to Luke Fernandez, supernatural hunter and Pucca to Garu, ninja).
    • Both trying to protect their lovers from dangers.
    • Both they have martial arts.
    • Both have magic, force field and weather manipulation.
    • Also, Pucca is 10 years old, Keira is 14 years old.
    • Pucca is shown working as delivery girl whilst Keira is also shown working as DreamLife co-inventor, researcher, and assistant of Rozetta Pierre.
    • Both have the lovely singing voices.
    • Both have pets (Pucca has a pink cat named Yani whilst Keira has a pet female Chupacabra named Josephine). In the time, they shared their similarities with their crushes (Garu and Mio, Luke and Ronnie the Chupacabra).
  • Keira likely similar to Princess Ariel from Disney's 1989 animated feature film, The Little Mermaid:
    • Both unlikely were mermaid (expect that Keira is the fairy).
    • Ariel has six older sisters whilst Keira has seven half older-younger brothers and two sisters, including her half sister and biological twin older sister.
    • Both are dissatisfied with underwater life and are curious about the human world.
    • Both they have fall in love with humans (Luke and Prince Eric).
    • Both like to collects human artifacts.
  • Ariel has a sea witch named Ursula who makes a deal to transform her into a human for three days in exchange for her voice, which she puts in a nautilus shell, in three days, Ariel must receive the "kiss of true love" from Eric. However, Keira mad met Kraken who also makes a choice for Keira’s dream become better life by transform her into a human in order to receive the "kiss of true love" from Luke.
    • Both they have self-proclaimed experts on human stuff (Scuttle the seagull and Captain Hooky the piracy platypus).
  • Keira has a uncommon similarities of Danny Fenton from Danny Phantom:
    • Danny’s full name is Daniel Fenton, Keira’s full name is Keira Bianca Vasquez.
    • Danny also known by his alias Danny Phantom, Keira also known by her alias Keira Paguio.
    • Both are average, self-conscious, introverted, and sensitive.
    • Both were over 14-year-old.
    • Also, Danny is male, Keira is female.
    • Unlike how Danny becomes a human/ghost hybrid superhero with ghostly abilities due to an accident in his parents' ghost lab. However, after a hexed accident in Ad Astra’s DreamLife research experiments lab which produces a crystallized chrysalis that turned her into human/fairy-mermaid hybrid superhero with magic-science abilities and her birthmark that look like Timmy Turner and Jimmy Neutron’s signature symbols.
    • Both were desperate to fit in with their peers and be accepted.
    • Both have doggy pets (a ghost dog named Cujo to Danny, a chupacabra named Josephine to Keira).
    • Both were high school students and superheroes.
    • Danny is a ghost hunter whilst Keira become a supernatural hunter.
    • Danny wanted to be an Astronaut when he grows up. Unlike, Keira want to become inventor-alchemist-adventurer when she grows up.
    • Both have high acrobatic skills, skilled Combatant and swordsmanship
    • Danny has Fenton Weaponry Expertise whilst Keira also has DreamLife Weaponry Expertise.
    • Unlike Danny transforming himself from human to ghost by activate this transformation wirh battle cry, "I'm going ghost!" or a variant thereof, often accompanies his transformation. However, Keira can able to transform herself from civilian to superhero by gathering three of her birthstones based on magic and science such as Love (sunstone), Hope (red-pink highlighted rose quartz) and Courage (moonstone) which obtained in Magic-Science Medallion.
  • Keira similar to Jenny Wakeman from My Life as a Teenage Robot:
    • Both they like to fly, singing, playing guitars, playing games, making new friends, snowball fights and fighting villains.
    • Both are being being a hero.
    • Both are not being able to fit in with their teenage peers.
    • Both were crime fighters.
  • Keira unlikely similar to Fa Mulan from Disney’s 1998 animated film Mulan:
    • Both have their parents who were a war veterans (Even Fa Zhou retired war hero while Madolyn Vasquez who also war hero until she died risking her life to save those who were in distress.
    • Both were tomboyish.
    • Both being accepted for who they are.
    • Both trying protect their relatives by taking their place in the war (brother Prince Morgan to Keira and father Fa Zhou to Mulan).
    • Both likes spicy foods.
  • Keira unlikely similar to Red Puckett from the Hoodwinked series:
    • Both have martial arts, acrobatics and intelligence.
    • Both are wearing capes.
    • Both have color red.
    • Red is very irratated when somebody insults her of being a little girl or insulting her grandmother. Like her, Keira is very infuriated when those who insults her and her boyfriend, Luke.
    • Red is training with the sisters of the hood while Keira is trained with the supernatural hunters.
  • Keira unlikely similar to Fionna the Human from the Adventure Time:
    • Both are counterparts of male protagonists (Luke and Finn).
    • Both were fearless, thrill-seeking, adventure-loving heroes.
    • Both were was created in same fan-fictions.
    • Both are very courageous and brave.
    • Both rebellion and mischievous.
    • Fionna has a sword known as Crystal Sword, Keira has a blue glowing sword.
  • Keira similar to Tinker Bell from Disney Fairies franchise:
    • Both are fairies (although Keira is also a mermaid).
    • Also, Tinker Bell is tinker-fairy, Keira is master of magic and science.
    • Like Tinker Bell has Pixie Dust that give those to fly, Keira also has the same dust that obtained in her Magic-Science Medallion which allowing her to changes from human to fairy or mermaid.
    • Both like inventions and crafts.
    • Both also invent and create special tools.
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