Keira Bianca “Kiki” Paguio (also known as Nebula) is a main character appearing in Season 7 of Criminal Case, where she serves as a partner to the player throughout the season as the Hunting Partner of the Supernatural Hunters. She’s is also

Keira Paguio
Biographical information
Full name Keira Bianca Vasquez
Alias(es) Keira Bianca Paguio
Keira Paguio
Race Mermaid-Fairy hybrid (currently)
Human (currently)
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 2005
Nationality Greek-American-Filipino
Residence United States
Profession(s) Supernatural Hunter
Past profession(s) Princess
Family King Wave
Partner(s) Luke Fernandez (boyfriend)
Affiliation(s) Ad Astra (formerly)

DreamLife (formerly)
Grimsborough University (formerly)
Iota Psi Omega (formerly)

Supernatural Hunters
Game information


14 years of age, Keira was a mermaid-fairy hybrid Princess of Atlantis. She has shoulder-length black hairs, light blue eyes and freckles.

Before goes by name Keira Paguio, she a lavender top with texture of fish scale. From the waist down, she has a dark blue horizontal fish-like tail with sea green scales and matching V-shaped waist-line with reproductive organs of a tropical fish. Additionally, she has a atomic star birthmark on her back that represented Timmy Turner and Jimmy Neutron’s symbol and their powers consisting of magic and science.

Under the surname Paguio, Keira wears a grey crop top shirt under a brown jacket with four breast pockets and two black patches on it. She also wears a fully-length black pants with brown leather belt and hiking boots.

Keira was actually mermaid-fairy hybrid Princess of the Atlantis named Keira Bianca Vasquez who lived in underwater kingdom until she encountered with human supernatural hunter named Luke Fernandez. She become a human with Kreken’s help to win Luke’s affections. She is sweat-hearted, optimistic and always had a unrequited crush on Luke that she met before become a human. She loves to collecting human artifacts and is interested in Philippine cultures, martial arts and magic spells and science experiments. It is known that Keira shares an RV with Priya, and was worked and studied at DreamLife, a tech and research company.

Height 5'6"
Age 14
Weight 145 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood O+

Events of Criminal CaseEdit

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